A quick and flexible ground solution for new space

Ground stations aggregated at scale

StellarStation meets newspace satellite needs by providing quick and flexible ground support. After one-time setup, you can access any ground station across our global network.

Get started faster, build your missions better

Quick onboarding

Integrate quickly with our easy-to-use API. Or, skip integration with our pre-integrated mission control solutions.

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Pre-integrated with

No upfront costs

Connect to StellarStation with no upfront costs or commitments, then access on a pay-as-you-go system. Ground station license costs are included in the standard service package.

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Easy scaling

After initial setup, simply add more ground stations to your plan. No additional contracts or integrations needed. Expand your communications during LEOP, or scale up when operations grow.

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Licensing and frequency coordination support

Ground station licenses

We include ground station licenses and license upkeep in our service package. Instead of worrying about regulation, you can focus on your mission.

Frequency coordination consultation (optional)

We can provide suggestions for your application to the ITU and negotiation with affected operators. We can also advise on coordination for additional ground locations and satellites.


Our pricing is transparent and predictable. That way, you can plan your operations confidently and make informed decisions when scaling.

We have no upfront costs or commitments, and are fully pay-as-you-go. (Subscription plan optional.)

per min
Ground station license fee
monthly by location
per month for 40 min daily
Ground station license fee
monthly by location
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Access ground stations across our global network with only 1-time system integration and full ground station license support.

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