Announcing StellarStation Amateur

Safeguard your mission with LEOP support

Downlink data from amateur UHF band satellites
Simple download via web app

StellarStation: the satellite antenna sharing platform

Increased satellite access

Tap into StellarStation’s shared ground station network and cost-effectively expand your communication window.

Simple sharing device installation

Securely connect your antenna to the network with our briefcase-sized sharing device. The sharing device can be customized to accommodate a range of ground station set-ups.

Ground station sharing

Share your ground station’s idle time through the simple installation of our sharing device. Your shared time is converted to credit, which you can use to access other ground station antennas or exchange for cash*.
* Coming Soon

Streamlined operation and integration tools

Manage pass scheduling and data download through our web interface or API. Our cloud-based platform also automates antenna matching and data processing.
Share your antenna or purchase credits
Access antennas worldwide
Exchange credits for cash* Coming Soon

How it works

When you share your unused antenna time and earn credit, you can then spend your credit to access other antennas, dramatically expanding your communication window without paying for additional passes.

Users without a ground station can simply sign up to use any compatible ground station on our platform with pay-as-you-go billing and no upfront costs.

Scale your satellite access with ground station sharing

Platform Features

  • Access shared antennas worldwide
  • Schedule passes
  • Receive telemetry data
  • Operate through web interface
  • Send commands*
  • Full API support*
  • Demodulate data with cloud-based SDR*

* Coming Soon

StellarStation Amateur

Infostellar, the team behind StellarStation, wanted to design a tool to help minimize early stage satellite mission failures and bring more satellites safely to orbit. The tool that we made is called StellarStation Amateur: an open-data tool built on the StellarStation platform that allows users to track and view telemetry data of amateur band UHF satellites.

By using StellarStation Amateur, operators can access invaluable satellite data during one of the most critical phases of launch. We hope that through its use, all levels of amateur band satellite operators will be able to successfully navigate LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit Phase) and carry out their missions.


Ground stations on our network have cleared the licensing process for downlink and/or uplink in their respective countries, making them ready for use once operators are fully onboarded. For new joiners to the network, our customer support team can assist with the licensing process.


StellarStation is designed with the latest cybersecurity standards, including a tight firewall on our antenna sharing device and use of SSL at all points to ensure secure transport of data.


The StellarStation platform is fully accessible via our online dashboard. Once onboarded, StellarStation can be easily integrated into your team’s existing operation software, allowing you to access your data in raw data format.

Our Ground Station Network

Make your ground station work for you

Join our network of ground station partners and share your ground station’s unused access time. Why let your ground station sit idle when it could be doing much more?

Track amateur UHF satellites with StellarStation Amateur